D&K Consulting’s wide experience in the agribusiness and bioenergy sectors, combined with its deep knowledge of the European Union legislative process, delivers to your company high quality strategic advice and expertise, which will allow you to influence positively EU decision-making processes while promoting your business interests.

We offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions and services in different areas:

  • Designing a pro-active regulatory working plan for the client in the EU, including mapping all the relevant issues, identifying the policy and political milestones and recommend actions.
  • Providing immediate regulatory support to any area of interest for the client related to the EU market, its trade rules and regulations, especially on environmental and SPS matters.
  • Informing on current European legislation and future initiatives.
  • Briefing on key documents from European institutions (white papers, roadmaps, etc.), other relevant international organisations and stakeholders.
  • Analyzing the evolution of the EU trade policy, including FTA and WTO negotiations.
  • Mapping all relevant European stakeholders, including government regulators, business community, NGOs, academics, think tanks and media.
  • Developing fact sheets and key messages on strategic issues specifically drafted for companies based outside the EU.
  • Lobbying key stakeholders.
  • Organizing meetings for the client with key EU officers, Members of the European Parliament and relevant stakeholders in Brussels or in selected EU countries.
  • Participating in key events in Brussels or other European cities.
  • Preparing daily/weekly media clippings.
  • Organizing events (conference, workshop, etc.) for the client in Brussels.
  • Supporting the client’s participation to key exhibitions in the European Union.
  • Organizing visits of relevant EU stakeholders to your country.
  • Identifying market potential as well as trends in competition, including trends in market demand, for the client’s business in Europe.
  • Providing analysis of trade, environment and SPS regulations for the client’s product in the European market to increase better chances for market access.