European-Union-flagsLocated at the heart of the decision-making process, Brussels is the place where European policies and regulations are drafted, negotiated and adopted. Regulatory decisions made in the European Union can also influence multilateral trade rules, as well as agricultural and food policies in many third-countries where Europe is seen as a standard-setter for food safety and environmental protection.

Providing that the European Commission has the exclusive competence for the trade policies of all EU Member States and an increasing role in regulating environmental and food safety aspects, it is essential for businesses engaged in international trade to monitor and shape the EU’s regulatory processes.

D&K Consulting is a Public and Government Affairs company based in Brussels, which provides tailor-made policy advice, advocacy support and intelligence to international clients in the agribusiness and bioenergy sectors. We also advise on corporate communication practices.

Our firm is specialized in providing services to clients outside the EU seeking market entry or engaged in business within the European market. The company’s strength lies in its wide experience of the international agribusiness and bioenergy sectors coupled with a deep knowledge of the EU decision-making process, international trade and environmental regulations enabling its clients to adequately address and prepare for policy and regulatory changes.

The founder and CEO of D&K Consulting, Géraldine Kutas, is an expert in international trade, agricultural and environmental policies, with a comprehensive knowledge in renewable energies and a extensive experience conducting advocacy work in key international markets on behalf of multinationals and trade associations.

D&K Consulting is registered in the EU Transparency Register under N° 263199112638-84, a platform set up by the European Parliament and European Commission that discloses detailed information on all the interest groups engaged in lobbying activities at the EU level.

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