At D&K Consulting, we build on our extensive expertise and network of partners to respond to our client’s needs, assisting them to adopt the appropriate strategy in complex and changing economic and regulatory environments. Our team’s experience and commitment is reflected in the quality of the services that we provide to our clients.

Core areas of expertise

In recent years, D&K Consulting has assisted important clients in the Brazilian agribusiness sector to set foot in the EU market. Our team has offered powerful solutions to our clients to detect and address regulatory risks as well as formulate strategies to increase their influence in Brussels. We offer a full regulatory and economic analysis of EU markets, as well as advise on mandatory and voluntary standards, customs requirements and market intelligence.
Concerns about energy security and global warming induce countries to put in place policies and programmes to increase the use of more sustainable sources of energy. At D&K Consulting , we have been engaged since the early stages of the EU debate and legislative process surrounding all policies and measures to promote the use of energy from renewable sources across Europe. Since then, we assist clients to not only better understand EU regulatory procedures to maximise market access but also influence on-going regulatory processes in order to tackle any negative impact on trade flows.
The European Union, the largest trading bloc in the world, has in the recent years initiated negotiations on a number of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with key trading partners. D&K Consulting’s team of experts has been following key international trade negotiations, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), between the EU and the United States, as well as the latest developments in the WTO Doha Round negotiations and Dispute Settlement Mechanism. The team also has solid experience on the on-going EU-Mercosur trade agreement negotiations, working closely with Government Officials as well as the business community in Brazil providing strategic support to not only prepare negotiating positions but also identify threats and opportunities in the future agreement.
The European Union leads the way for protecting consumer’s health as well as the environment. Over the last 60 years, a set of very complex legislation was adopted to guarantee the EU stays on top of these issues. However, some of these regulations might create non-tariff barriers (NTBs), especially when they are based on the precautionary principle, and generate tensions with the EU trading partners. D&K Consulting helps its clients to identify and understand which measures apply to imports. It also advises on how to adapt to these regulations and promote best practices.
A clear understanding of the EU legislative and regulatory process is essential to promote business interests across the European market. With a presence in Brussels and a solid knowledge of the EU institutional environment, D&K Consulting’s team has been providing consultancy services to enable its clients to tackle challenges as well as place their interests through the right channels to deliver results in a complex and challenging EU institutional framework.
Successful businesses rely on effective monitoring of their sectors and areas of interests in order to keep track of emerging market trends and changes to regulation. D&K Consulting offers a daily monitoring on EU  agribusiness and bioenergy sector. Its staff has also conducted successful advocacy campaigns in Europe for clients in these sectors and produced communication material with key messages to their targeted EU audience.